***SOLD*** Porsche 2.7 ltr Engine; removed from 1975 911S for race car project.  Removed from running car, seemed to run quite well; it actually wasn’t leaking either (strange!)  This is an original engine in good condition; seems to run and perform well.  We power-washed and did a leakdown, all between 10 and 12%; not perfect , but not bad!  This is the US Model 911S, 8.5 to 1.0 compression, original CIS injection, includes everything from motor mount to flywheel. Also includes exhaust with CAT and US Muffler.  We would just like to recoup a bit of the owner’s investment in his new car!  If this will work for you, GREAT!

Engine Serial # 6450177, 1975 911S

Shipping via Old Dominion Motor Feight in US, International buyer must arrange own freight forwarder; We will crate for $150US in EU approved crate

$3900 US ***SOLD***